[stares at the window] i really love shinee so much oh my god

Taemin: I think Key hyung doesnt look like a hyung when he does aegyo.
My honest opinion about you: I love how you speak your mind and you aren't afraid to slay everyone with ur opinion ;) Of course we can't all agree on a side of certain topic, but you don't hide what u stand for and I think that's pretty FIERCE <3

honeslty not only do i love your blog i love your personality too you are very chill and i like how we can converse in twitter <3 <3


[20 day SHINee challenge© -day 01- your ultimate bias: Kim Kibum. 


"why can lee michelle be a kpop star but not chad future :-///" hmm maybe because lee michelle is korean singing in korea in korean

141/200 Taemin gifs. Casually being an adorable, sexy maknae.

Title: 뱉어내 (Spit It Out)
Artist: f(x)
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