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:o your T-ara bias is Qri?? I know that you reblog her a lot but I always thought that you biased Jiyeon xD

tbh i kind of bias both of them but qri is the Number One for me in t-ara. i know i reblog jiyeon more than qri but that’s because there tend to be more pics of jiyeon than qri, that’s all :) 

top 10 biases, tagged by myungssu yay

just going to pick one from each group bc otherwise shinee would take up half the list hahaa

  1. key / shinee
  2. qri / t-ara
  3. hyoyeon / snsd
  4. luna / f(x)
  5. yura / girl’s day
  6. hyemi / nine muses 
  7. choa / aoa
  8. lizzy / after school
  9. jucy / evol
  10. youngji / kara

italic = unsure

shit i never want to stop at 10 i want to keep going with yezi and seulgi and bipa and woohee and fuck fuck fuck ok i’m done now, i’m tagging soshijoshi (new url fancy ooh) taemeow leetaememe hottaemales and yea have a nice day

requested | nana icons (selca).

it’s my showtime


god fucking bless this video.


how did i even live with the reblog button at the top of the post

I’m the person that reads your tags.

All of them. 

victoria’s blonde hair appreciation post

Title: Toy
Artist: 에프엑스(f(x))
Played: 334 times

Pretending to be pretty all day? I’m so sick of that 
Shedding tears because you’re not here? Oh my, never never 2/365

Jonghyun’s selcas with mommy and noona ♥

My breaths
Inhalation mom
Exhalation noona
 Kim Jonghyun